Employee Benefits

A solid employee benefit package gives a business a competitive edge in attracting and retaining high-quality employees.

life insurance, disability and other benefits

Medical Insurance
The most valued employee benefit. Learn more about medical insurance.

Group Life Insurance
Life insurance protection on the lives of their employees that provides a benefit to the employee's designated beneficiaries. Learn more about group life insurance.

Group Disability Insurance
Disability insurance protection for employees against financial risk associated with lost income due to a short-term or long-term disability. Learn more about group disability insurance.

MultiLife Long-Term Care Insurance
Multilife long-term care coverage for employees or their families should they require long-term care services. Learn more about multi-life long-term care insurance.

Dental and Vision Insurance
The most common employee benefit programs offered to employees. Learn more about dental and vision insurance.

Other Benefits and Services
Additional ways to enhance your employee benefit plan. Learn about other benefits and services.

Employee Benefits Online Brochure