HR Consulting Services

HR Services

All of our Consultants are experienced Human Resources professionals, each with many years of on-hands experience in varied industries and work environments. They can assist our clients in virtually every facet of human resources.

Pricing for our HR Consulting Services varies and is based upon size of the organization, scope of the project and the complexity of the work to be done.

HR Consulting Services Brochure

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Human Resources Audits
  • Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Discipline and Termination Procedures
  • Time Off and Leave of Absence Policies
  • Developing and OSHA Log
  • Assistance with FEHA/ADA Issues - on an industrial and non-industrial basis
  • Developing Job Descriptions
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Assistance with Wellness at Work
  • Availability to HR Resources Materials
  • Training Seminars (both in person and on-line)
    • AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention
    • Basics of Supervision for the New Manager
    • Performance Management
    • Ethics in the Workplace
    • Violence in the Workplace
  • Training Seminar Library
    • 7 Steps HR Program
    • OSHA Outreach
    • California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

HR Help Line

PrimeWest understands that our clients want and need prompt assistance when faced with human resources questions and issues. To address that need, we are pleased to offer our HR Helpline. The HR Helpline provides information concerning employment law and personnel issues while ensuring that questions are answered quickly and intelligently. Our Helpline can be accessed via telephone or e-mail and allows unlimited access to one of our experienced Human Resources Consultants. Our Helpline clients have found this service to be an invaluable business tool that is also extremely cost effective. The annual cost is based on the number of employees within the organization.

For Questions, please contact:
Scott Martin - Broker Representative