Executive Benefit Consulting Services


Most Fortune 1000 companies use customized benefit programs that build their executives personal net worth and retirement income with pre-tax dollars. Executive benefit programs that are well structured allow businesses to reward and retain their most talented executive teams. PrimeWest addresses executive benefits in the context of an employer's overall benefit plan objectives. Our consultants help you assess the needs of your organization and your executives.

In addition, we create customized solutions with strategic partners such as outside legal, financial planners and product experts.

Employee Communication Consulting
PrimeWest develops customized communications with your employees in mind. Our project services include:

  • Communications objective setting and problem solving
  • Innovative online and/or paper-based communication solutions
  • Informative, easy-to-understand content
  • Expert review for accuracy and legal compliance for communications
  • Detailed project cost estimates
  • Project and print production management to ensure materials are delivered on time and within budget.