Service Commitment

PrimeWest Insurance Group is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. We function as partners with employer human resources departments and are available to our clients' HR representatives as well as to their employees.

Our first goal when working with a new client is to fully describe our service commitment and performance objectives. In consideration of standard commissions, which are part of the medical, dental, disability and term life insurance premium, PrimeWest Insurance Group provides the following services:

  • Collection of data: census, loss data, and paid premium, this involves working with all offices of your corporation as well as all associated insurance companies.
  • Development of proposal request in consort with all parties as appropriate to protect confidentiality of information.
  • Submitting data to insurance companies or other providers following review of Company's objectives in this marketing activity.
  • Receipt and review of all proposals in response to request for proposal.
  • Analysis of best proposal for presentation, and review all other proposal responses with Company.
  • Final meeting with selected insurance companies in an effort to obtain best terms and conditions. These meetings usually include all human resource managers, either personally or via conference call. Meetings are held at the Company offices, and insurance representatives are given the opportunity to respond to any issue.
  • Selection of final premium and benefits by Company representatives.
  • Review of payroll deductions, etc.
  • Development and installation of communication schedules at all locations. Travel expenses are assumed by PrimeWest Insurance Group for all PrimeWest Insurance Group employees.
  • On site presentation or direction of presentations by insurance company associates to Company employees.
  • Response to all questions from human resources and employees during the enrollment process.
  • Review of all enrollment material for accuracy before it is sent to insurance company (occasionally materials are sent directly to carrier and we receive deficiencies from them).
  • Review of summary plan description for assurance that policy is issued as proposed.
  • Customer service as needed in support of human resources in areas such as claim problems, eligibility of dependents, ERISA support, COBRA, and premium payment.
  • On site visits, quarterly and as needed at the direction of human resources or any other member of corporate management.
  • Direct interface with employees at Company location or via telephone.
  • Assistance in due diligence matters relating to mergers and acquisitions such as benefit lans, COBRA and retiree liability.

Consultation as needed in development of property and casualty matters.

For Questions, please contact:
Scott Martin - Broker Representative