Shopping for insurance is more than just comparing prices! Our experienced professionals will assess your specific needs, and make recommendations that meet your insurance objectives. Here are what some of PrimeWest Insurance Brokerage clients have to say about working with the staff at PrimeWest.

"I feel PrimeWest has a vast understanding of employee benefits, liability insurance and key person life and disability policies. Working with him has enabled me to confidently plan for our next renewal, also, the staff at PrimeWest has given us the security that if any of our employees had become ill or injured, they and their family members would be well protected."

"The licensed agents at PrimeWest are experienced and energetic! "They and their support team are very creative, innovative, and professional. They take seriously the particular needs of our company and extensively research insurers whose products satisfy our requirements. We highly recommend PrimeWest as our insurance brokerage firm of choice. They know group employee benefits inside and out"

"Scott our insurance agent sets himself apart from others by his attention to detail, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service. I chose to work with Scott because I trust that he is looking out for me and my employees. I would recommend Scott to others because he's a true professional who does his job well and allows me to do mine without worrying about employee benefits, or financial planning issues."

"I continue to work with PrimeWest Insurance because I find them to be competent and I value their high sense of integrity. The staff meets commitments that they make and often go beyond my expectations in trying to satisfy the needs of our corporation. I'm pleased with what PrimeWest has done for us and would highly recommend them to others."

"I have always felt that the necessary decisions are relatively easy; it's the facts that are often difficult to determine. Your work certainly accomplished that and made our decision easy and quick."

"The staff at PrimeWest has provided and continues to provide us with professional, excellent customer service. They work hard to provide answers and always follow-up in a timely manner to our questions and/or concerns. We appreciate the team effort, and would defiantly do business with this firm again."

"I chose to work with PrimeWest Insurance Group because they work with almost all of the other industry company's in situations similar to mine. They possess an enormous base, and they are well-connected. They explain things well to me, and I feel they really do consider my needs. The staff helped me with understanding why I need to switch my insurance and recommended the best contribution plan to suit my needs. I would recommend them to others because they are so easy to work with and are highly intelligent about all things employee benefits related. Primewest does set themselves apart from others by having such a well-rounded approach to the client and their individual needs."

With premium increases and benefit decreases the norm, obtaining competitive quotes and handling claims issues has become just a small part of the service offering you should expect from a quality brokerage firm. You deserve a partner with the expertise and resources to provide your company and your employees with a superior level of service - not just during open enrollment - but also throughout the entire year. Whether you need help in the areas of employee benefits, HR compliance, property & casualty Insurance, life and disability insurance protection or automated employee benefits enrollment, PrimeWest Insurance Group has the tools and superior support staff to make your job easier.

Let us be your one-step benefit solutions. Discover how PrimeWest can help your organization today.