Why You Need Malpractice Insurance

Some lawyers argue that having insurance just makes you a target for lawsuits.� Not having insurance does not prevent claims; anyone can make a mistake.

Historically, about 35% of insurance payments in professional liability are for litigation expenses.� Why would you risk bankruptcy, the stress of defending and paying for a claim, when the cost of malpractice insurance is so affordable?

Over the past several years, a number of lawyers' professional liability insurance carriers have entered and left the market.� When carriers change, there is no guarantee that policy terms will remain the same.� Be wary of insurers offering low rates that have just entered the professional liability market for the first time. If you are offered insurance from a company that is not admitted in California, known as surplus and excess lines, in the event of insolvency you will not be eligible to participate in recoveries from CIGA.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner, independent contractor, or law firm in Pennsylvania, New York or California, whether you are a full-time, part-time attorney or just moonlight, we have the right lawyers’ professional liability insurance plan for you.