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Employee Benefits Overview

Employee Benefits Overview

Navigating the Complex World of Employee Benefits...

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers understand that success depends in large part on their ability to attract and retain the most talented people in their industry.

What do we offer?

Employee Benefits Overview (AM Best) Individual & or and Group

We offer a comprehensive benefits package for both individuals and groups. Our individual benefits include options for health, dental, vision, and life insurance

HR Professional Support Services

Our HR department provides professional support services to help clients create a positive and productive work environment.

Employee Handbooks (2023-2024 ACA Compliant)

Our Employee Handbooks are up-to-date and compliant with the latest ACA regulations providing comprehensive guidance on policies and procedures to ensure compliance and a positive work environment for our employees.

Ancillary Benefit Services

We provide options for supplementary coverage such as accident, critical illness, short-term disability, and long-term care insurance, as well as flexible spending and health savings accounts, to help our clients provide comprehensive benefits packages to their employees.

Dental & Vision (VSP)

One of the most common employee benefit programs offered to employees. Learn more about dental and vision insurance by clicking below.

STD, LTD Disability Insurance & Life

We offer disability insurance options including Short-term Disability (STD) and Long-term Disability (LTD) insurance, as well as life insurance, to provide our clients and their employees with financial protection in the event of an accident or illness, ensuring peace of mind and financial security.

Traditional Benefits

Traditional benefits are still top of mind for many prospective and existing employees. Both choice and quality make a difference.

Medical, including mental health, dental, and vision coverage remain among the most important considerations for individuals joining
an organization.

Moreover, talented prospective employees understand that health insurance benefits are quite diverse and are, therefore, discerning about their choices. We offer access to robust plans from multiple carriers, each may include a wide range of deductible and copay choices, as well as coverage for alternative treatments like chiropractic care.

Saving for retirement has always been a concern, but the near total disappearance of employer-sponsored pension plans has raised employees’ anxiety about whether they can save enough. With an average total retirement savings rate of 10.5% for workers ages 25 to 34 and 8% for workers under 25, these employees likely aren’t saving enough to meet their retirement goals. Therefore, offering access to retirement plans like 401(k) plans that help employees reach their retirement savings goals can be a significant factor in attracting and retaining talent.

Short-term disability insurance provides employees who have either unpaid sick leave or who exhaust their accrued paid sick leave with a certain level of wage replacement. It’s especially valuable for employees who suffer an accident, unexpected surgery or illness with a long recovery time.

For employees at all stages of their career, life insurance is an important tool for protecting assets. Buying a life insurance policy through an employer typically allows employees to obtain coverage at more affordable rates than policies purchased on an individual basis.

A choice of programs that deliver private and equitable access to benefits that efficiently adapt to changing times and circumstances, such as those that support the need for medical travel, adoption assistance, education or disaster relief

Training, education and mentoring programs that give employees growth opportunities and more control over their career paths2

Unlimited paid time off, a structure in which employees are not assigned a set number of paid days off but, rather, have the freedom to take time off when needed as long
as doing so will not disrupt business3

Wellness programs that reward healthy behavior

Subsidized childcare or senior care

Phased retirement programs that allow employees approaching retirement age to continue working with a reduced workload as they transition from full-time work to full-time retirement

Paid sabbaticals offer employees the opportunity to take extended time off for rest, relaxation, and personal or professional development, while still receiving a salary. These programs can help to improve employee morale and retention, as well as promoting work-life balance.

On-site free or subsidized services (e.g., meals, gym, dry cleaning, childcare and grooming services)

On-site health care (including mental health)

Employee assistance programs provide support and resources to employees who may be struggling with personal or professional issues, such as stress, financial difficulties, or substance abuse. These programs can help to improve employee well-being and productivity, while also reducing the risk of burnout.

Non-Traditional Benefits

While benefits of all types play a crucial role, and high quality traditional benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans remain top of mind, employees also value a number of nontraditional benefits.

Excellent Customer Service

Flexible and Tailored Plans

Employee health insurance is often viewed as one of their most valuable benefits.

Employee health insurance helps to attract and retain top talent, while also providing financial protection for employees and their families in the event of medical emergencies.

Treatment expenses due to an accident

Insurance coverage can provide financial protection against these unexpected costs.

Death and/or Permanent Disability

Insurance coverage can help to provide financial protection against these risks and can offer peace of mind in the event of a tragedy.